My goals for 2024.

I have a few different goals for this year. I prefer the word goals over resolutions because i feel like it’s better on me by the end of that year, i can look back and go

‘I didnt get those goals this year but i can try again with a better mindset.’ 

And so this years goals:

-maintain a more genuine business presence (I’m struggling to find a way to present myself and my products atm)

-get my driving license (this is in motion already yet!)

-get top surgery (I’m over half way saved now!)

-expand my product lines (lanyards and sticker sheets?)

And that all i have come up with so far! The last few months have been a lot for me with work and college being very busy as well as my home life. I hope that with my next school semester I’ll have a better work/college/home life. When i write it out my life probably sounds like a lot to juggle at once, and it kind of is but I’m not getting much choice in the matter. All because I’m determined to get what i want in life so I better be able to look back on 2023 and say

‘it may have been when i lost all my free time but it was worth it for the result of what i have now’ 

I’m determined to get myself through top surgery, college and hopefully build my business into the tattoo parlour and cafe i have dreamed up over many daydreaming sessions. 


23 January 2024,

have a good year. 

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